This will save millions of lives

NASA has made a breakthrough using carbon nanotubes (those things I was always telling ya’ll about). What they have invented are biocapsules that can contain just about anything, ranging from hormones, proteins, epinephrine, and many other substances to combat radiation, defective genes, diabetes, and allergies.They are super easy to make, and the implant is simple. It goes right under your skin with just local anesthetic and only a couple of stitches. The possibilities are endless. Make sure to click the link at the end of the post to watch a short clip of them actually making a biocapsule.

This is huge. This is what happens when you invest in science. You may not get immediate results but it pays off in the future. We can not leave it up to corporations to invest in these things because they are after profit, and it would be against their duty to shareholders to do so anyways. That is why we need the government to fund such endeavors. If we want to keep seeing innovative thinking in the United States and not only in other countries, we must keep science as a priority.

This is part of the Gizmodo series called “Space Camp”. Space Camp is all about the under-explored side of NASA. From robotics to medicine to deep-space telescopes to art. For these couple of weeks we’ll be coming at you direct from NASA JPL and NASA Ames, shedding a light on this amazing world. You can follow the whole series here.

The Miraculous NASA Breakthrough That Could Save Millions of Lives


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