IBM’s Prediction of the Future 5 years from now


IBM’s prediction of near future


Tech Billionaires Plan Mission to Mine Asteroids

Looks like the private industry is finally going to get a big push into space. Google’s CEO Larry Page and executive chairman Eric Schmidt, James Cameron, Ross Perot Jr., and some other tech billionaires are behind a new company called Planetary Resources, Inc

They say that platinum metals would be their focus; platinum alone is worth $23,000 a pound. By mining only the first few feet of a modestly sized asteroid, it would yield about $6 billion. $6 BILLION! There are roughly 9,000 asteroids orbiting near the Earth. Even if it averages out to $1 billion per asteroid (still only talking platinum)…that’s a lot of money.

The key question is whether to bring the ore back home for refinement or to do it in space. To bring it home is not cost effective and defeats the economical purpose for this endeavor. If done in space it could jump start the colonization of the solar system. Other materials like water could be used for life support and rocket fuel, enabling us to refuel and travel further than before. This is an exciting time as we have future minded people with the money to bring our dreams into reality.

Tech Billionaires Plan Audacious Mission to Mine Asteroids | Wired Science |

A Mind-Breakingly Massive Image of 25,000 Stars Being Born

A Mind-Breakingly Massive Image of 25,000 Stars Being Born.

A Mind-Breakingly Massive Image of 25,000 Stars Being Born

This is just wild. If you click the link in the article that says “full size image”, your mind will be blown. It will take probably 5 minutes for that picture to load and then you can zoom in on parts and scroll around. I have a link to a lower resolution version if anyone wants it for their background.