This is going to be a big post to make up for a few months of absence. All links will be categorized by topic. There’s not really any negative articles on Obama in the politics/government section because I don’t usually frequent those parts of the internet. He definitely has his flaws, but I don’t have any articles of them in my favorites or on my Reddit account. I will try and update this post with a few more videos. Otherwise, enjoy!

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Aldous Huxley: The Mike Wallace Interview

Really good interview done in 1958 with Brave New World author Aldous Huxley. He speaks about what is threatening our freedoms, and this is 54 years ago. Advertising, propaganda, drugs, overpopulation, capitalism, television, etc. Highly recommended.

Aldous Huxley: The Mike Wallace Interview.

A Mind-Breakingly Massive Image of 25,000 Stars Being Born

A Mind-Breakingly Massive Image of 25,000 Stars Being Born.

A Mind-Breakingly Massive Image of 25,000 Stars Being Born

This is just wild. If you click the link in the article that says “full size image”, your mind will be blown. It will take probably 5 minutes for that picture to load and then you can zoom in on parts and scroll around. I have a link to a lower resolution version if anyone wants it for their background.