This is going to be a big post to make up for a few months of absence. All links will be categorized by topic. There’s not really any negative articles on Obama in the politics/government section because I don’t usually frequent those parts of the internet. He definitely has his flaws, but I don’t have any articles of them in my favorites or on my Reddit account. I will try and update this post with a few more videos. Otherwise, enjoy!

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This will save millions of lives

NASA has made a breakthrough using carbon nanotubes (those things I was always telling ya’ll about). What they have invented are biocapsules that can contain just about anything, ranging from hormones, proteins, epinephrine, and many other substances to combat radiation, defective genes, diabetes, and allergies.They are super easy to make, and the implant is simple. It goes right under your skin with just local anesthetic and only a couple of stitches. The possibilities are endless. Make sure to click the link at the end of the post to watch a short clip of them actually making a biocapsule.

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Electrify Your Brain To Be Smarter With a 9-Volt Battery

Strapping a 9 volt to your head can make you smarter. It even cut in half the amount of time for drone remote-pilot training by the U.S. Air Force. This stuff works but the long term consequences of this are unknown. I would love to make one, they’re extremely cheap and easy to make, but I’ll hold off for a little bit.

Until I must learn Spanish that is.

Scientific American via Gizmodo